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I'm Nikki, a native English speaker living in central England with my husband and our pet cat. I've lived in Britain most of my life, although I love travelling abroad whenever possible.​

I'm a fully qualified Level 5 TEFL tutor, with a passion for helping people improve their English pronunciation and intonation. I'm also an accredited IELTS coach, and I have an honours degree in French and Spanish.


In 1992, I qualified as a Registered Nurse, working in several areas including Vascular Surgery and Lower GI Surgery. I later became a Colorectal Specialist Nurse, supporting patients diagnosed with bowel cancer.


I've enjoyed using my nursing and interpersonal skills across various different Healthcare settings, including at the renowned Nicky Snazell Wellness & Physiotherapy Clinic.

These days, I love coaching Healthcare professionals who have learned English as a second language; I help them improve their spoken English and enhance their listening skills, so that they become more effective communicators. The result? They engage better with their patients, connect better with their colleagues, enjoy greater job satisfaction in the workplace, and become confident enough to take advantage of new career opportunities in English-speaking countries.  


I also get to combine my nursing experience with my love of teaching, through working part-time for a local College of Further Education. In my role as an International English Tutor, I enjoy teaching the Winter and Summer programmes of 'Core English' and 'English for Healthcare' to students from East Asia.

Challenges to
speaking English
'like a native speaker'

For most learners, becoming proficient in English takes time.

But speaking English naturally so that people understand you clearly is particularly challenging.

Why is speaking in English more challenging?

Because often, you don't have time to consider what you want to say before you speak; you certainly don't have much time to formulate your answer during a conversation, when you need to listen, understand what was said, work out your answer and then respond appropriately!

So, how can I help YOU improve, and speak better English?

When you work with me, you will soon realise that making a mistake is your golden opportunity to learn, improve and make genuine progress. Why? Because you will learn from your errors in real-time, through receiving immediate, constructive feedback; you will learn correct pronunciation, intonation and appropriate vocabulary to communicate more effectively; you will also learn the expressions and everyday language used by native speakers so that you can engage better with those around you, including your colleagues and patients; and, you will learn how and when to use these expressions yourself.

I would be delighted to start a conversation with you.

If you have any questions, or you would like an initial free consultation to discuss your current language challenges and goals,

please message me here via the contact form.

Thanks for submitting! I'll get back to you soon!

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