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Nikki Rose

English Tutor

TEFL Qualified
IELTS Accredited

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Greetings from the UK!


I'm Nikki, a native English speaker living in central England with my husband and our pet cat. I've lived in Britain most of my life, although I love travelling abroad whenever possible.

I'm a fully qualified TEFL tutor, an accredited IELTS coach, and I have an honours degree in French and Spanish. Originally, I qualified as a Nurse and worked across different Healthcare settings, and later gained Business experience in Sales and Customer Service within the Travel industry. 

I love teaching part-time for a local College of Further Education in my role as an International English tutor – teaching Core English, English for Healthcare and English for Business – to students from East Asia.


Nowadays, my amazing job as an English tutor also allows me to freelance.

This is equally rewarding, helping others to speak English more naturally and teaching them how to communicate with greater confidence – wherever they are in the world.

I do this through a series of online one-to-one sessions for English fluency

I also offer tailor-made English lessons and programmes for specific language needs.


So, why are you here?

Most people approach me because they feel that their spoken English is holding them back.


Perhaps you want to apply for a new job and will need to attend an interview, or you must pass an exam in English to qualify for a promotion.

You might want to improve your spoken English for travel, or to take advantage of a new business opportunity. 

Perhaps you need to engage better with your patients or speak to your customers with greater assurance.

Or, you might be moving to the UK and you simply want to handle everyday conversations more confidently.

Whatever your particular situation, my passion is all about helping people to fulfil their personal English-speaking goals.

So if you're motivated and ready, I'd be delighted to help you improve your spoken English.

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Contact me today

What are your goals?

Why do you need to improve?

What is your motivation?

What challenges can I help you with?

I'm here to help!

Nikki Website photo - July 2022.jpg
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